Realistic Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing is fun, exciting and challenging.  Own, train and race your virtual thoroughbred race horses just like in real life.  At HorseRacingPark  the virtual horse race game is very realistic.  With your own stable, breeding, training and racing in real time gives you the feel of the actual horse racing experience.  As a special bonus you will get 6 free horses when you sign up from our website.  Try the virtual horse racing game now.

What is Virtual Horse Racing?

At the most realistic horse race game available, HorseRaceingPark lets you live the dream of owning your own thoroughbred race horse. Now you can breed, train and race your horses at a fraction of the cost in real life. You can feel what it is like to be the owner of a thoroughbred race horse turning into the home stretch with a chance of celebrating in the winners circle. You will compete against other virtual horse owners and trainers in this online community that is fun,  exciting and rewarding.

Virtual Horse Racing Game – Realism Turned Up

HorseRacingPark is a virtual horse racing game with the realism aspect turned up. You will own your own stable where you train and race your horses. You will be in control of their racing careers and you decide when to retire them. Once retired you will have the choice of to breed them and who to breed them to. Establish your own bloodlines in the virtual horse racing world. Bloodlines, conformation, past breeding matchups, track performance, and much  determine what may and may not work in the breeding shed.  HorseRacingPark is the complete horse racing game that functions in real time.

Play Free For As Long As You Like!

When you sign up at you will receive instructions through the internal mail system on how to redeem your free horses. You will receive a free farm to train them at and you can race them at the free track. There is absolutely no cost to do so and you can continue to race free for as long as you like. After you learn the ins and outs of the game you may wish to take on the challenges of the pay circuit. No strings attached. You decide if and when to move to the pay side of the game. What could be better than that?